"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before."
About Me

My name is Juliet and my passion is web design and development. I have always been an artist at heart, and hope to transition that to a developer by trade. I am currently in the process of changing industries and I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that will come. In my work, I strive for creativity, simplicity, and elegance. In my spare time I am looking for better ways to hone my craft. I invite you take some time to evaluate some of my creations and take a peek at my resume.


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My main mediums include pencil, pen, watercolor, and acrylic

Portfolio Work


Thumbnail image of my NC Zoo companion app

NC Zoo Companion - Mobile App

This project was to create a companion for any NC Zoo goer. The idea is that the app includes the exhibits and attractions as well as the feeding times of many of the animals so that you can plan your day around the zoo. It also includes the different food locations and menus so you can find exactly what you want to eat. Most importantly it also includes a map.


Thumbnail image of my prototype live music concert list app

The Scene - Mobile App

This project was to design a mobile app that would satisfy a need for someone "on the go". I chose to make this app for the fans of live music. The idea is that its a collection of the major local venues and who's playing when. This way within a couple clicks you can make sure you never miss a show. It also includes an artist page so that you geta little background on the music style.


Thumbnail image of my Interplanetary weight calculator app

InterPlanetary Weight - Mobile App

This project was to design a mobile app that would use javascript to accept input from a user, do something with that input, and provide some meaningful output. I decided to make an interplanetary weight calculator. It will tell you how what your, or anything else's, weight is on any planet in our solar system.


Thumbnail image of a past portfolio design written in html and css

Portfolio Site - Web Design

This was a previous portfolio site that I made in a previous class. The objective was to create a responsive portfolio site to showcase my work and promote my skills. It includes projects as well as a contact form and about pages.


Thumbnail image of a wordpress site I developed for the band 11Echoes

11 Echoes - Web Design

This project was to create a custom WordPress theme site for the band 11 Echoes. It invovles custom widgets, custom post types, and a theme built using underscores

Digital Art

Thumbnail image of 3 pentool cutouts I made in illustrator, a zombie, a raven, and a maniac

Pen Tool - Digital Art

This was a project to create precision selections using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Art

composite image of a surreal image. A room with a silver teapot spouting water in large globs in the air and a floating pineapple

Digital Art - Surreal Composite

This project was to create a composite from at least 3 images taken at different times under different lighting conditions to create a single "realistic" surreal image.

Digital Art

composite image of a cave with a large skull with glowing eyes and a girl glowing in a fiery bright light.

Digital Art - Movie Ad

This project was to create a composite from a selection of images using all our skills up to this point.

Digital Art

a still image from a parallax photo effect I created of 2 hands holding a plant in the rain

Digital Art - Parallax

Parallax effect created from a single still image

Digital Art

composite image of 3 cars from different photos with a tag line, Autobots - rust out

Digital Art - E-Card

A humorous e-card composite

Digital Art

3d icon created of my logo, my initials inside a box

Digital Art - 3D Icon

3D web image created using Photoshop

Digital Art

shield and banner logo

Digital Art - Logo

A logo tutorial project

Digital Art

triangle learning care logo

Digital Art - Logo Redesign

A redesign of the Triangle Learning Council logo

Digital Art

Adobe Illustrator photo recreated in vector

Digital Art - Photo Recreation

A photograph recreated as a vector image using Illustrator

Digital Art

Composite ad image for Asheville Fine Art Festival

NC Festival Composite - Digital Art

This is a digital composite for the Asheville Fine Art Festival. The objective was to take at least 3 pictures and, using advanced selection techniques, combine them into one cohesive ad. I picked the Asheville Fine Arts Festival. The idea was to create a calm and inviting image reminiscent of a painted landscape. The idea was to flow from cool tones to warm tones and create a focal point on the balloon.

Source Images: Pixel Bay - Highland Mountains, Pixel Bay - Mountain Sunrise, Pixel Bay - Hot Air Balloon.

Contact Me

Great, you made it this far! Please let me know what you think. Comments, suggestions, work requests, or any additional information you would like to include are always welcome. I am always looking for opportunities to grow. Thank you so much in advance.

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